june 11th, 2014.

woke up at 11
finally went through my closet & drawers
went over to Daniel’s
snuggled & took a bunch of random quizzes
listened to Heathers
went to dinner
went to get ice cream and POPPED MY TIRE
watched while Daniel & a kind stranger put the spare on
actually got ice cream
Daniel won me a scooby doo toy
went back to Daniel’s
snuggled and watched part of Phantom of the Paradise and part of one of the old Godzilla movies
got sick
went home to sleep

june 7th, 2014.

got up sort of early
worked an event at the animal shelter
fell in love with some cats and kittens
got subway for lunch
watched say yes to the dress
picked up Daniel
cuddled (among other things)
watched treasure planet
ate dinner
watched cops
went to DQ
took Daniel home (and cried a little)
picked up ice cream for mom
washed dishes
packed for orientation :)